TOA 200 Flooring Plus

TOA 2 Flooring Plus is a water-based transparent waterproofing, highly resistant to trample, and applied on floor for exterior and interior application. Film is highly tough and suitable for floor that is required trample resistance and high glossiness. It is highly adhesive with surface, weather and UV light resistant, waterproofing, dirt resistant and, free from toxic: Lead and Mercury, with low odor. Ready to use without mixing required. Suitable for exterior and interior application.

  • Waterproofing & Dirt resistance
  • Excellent trample resistance
  • High gloss & Non-yellowish
  • High adhesion & Weather and UV light resistance
  • Water-based type & Low odor
  • Surface protection & Prolonging surface lifetime
  • Dirt resistance & Easy to wash
  • Easy to apply: brush, roll, or spray

1 LTR., 5 LTR.